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A semi-mediocre suggestion for the ridiculous quote submissions

5 years ago
Joined: Nov 2014
Posts: 24
It has brought in my attention that the staff is having trouble keeping up with the community's amount of quote admission.
And I would like to offer a mediocre suggestion.

As it stands, the community has yet to be corrupted, trolls and immatures are yet to be seen in the community.
And so, why not just make the admissions public and allow the community to vote (or whatever, I'm not really creative) which quotes are deemed qualified.

Now this suggestion will clearly not last in the long run and as such should be remove once a certain part of the community deteriorates or once it is stable enough for the staff to handle it.

Again mediocre suggestion.

Also I do not know if this has yet to be suggested.
5 years ago
The Stalker
Joined: Oct 2013
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I like this idea but I don't think it will work, for now at least, since almost all the new approved quotes have 1-4 votes, not much can be done with that.
There are some sites which work like this for example 9gag, they have fresh, trending and hot, maybe something like this could be done when we have more members and more votes.
But even if we did that, we would still have to check all the quotes, to see if they do actually exist (the character said it in the anime) and it is not something said by themselves, and we have to check for duplicates (Well maybe in the future we can make something to search for duplicates automatically)

And this is just my opinion, it is all up to Ishi after all.
5 years ago
Joined: Oct 2014
Posts: 108
Apparently, the community's amount of quote submission has been brought down from 900+ to now already 200+ in a week or so, thanks to the contribution from the staffs helping to approve.
Alongside with that, this suggestion might also cause duplicates, including quotes that are phrased differently from a similar one(Or instances where the name is written wrongly, not wrongly I'd say, but improper; say for example, Kirito's proper name would be Kazuto Kirigaya from SAO. And often than not, people do mix up the way to write the person's name like taking Kazuto Kirigaya for example, people might write it as Kirigaya Kazuto. So, = more trouble and confusion.)

Secondly, also with all the different ways to spell an anime title (Where to reduce confusion, sticking to one would be the best, like you know, sticking to the English way to spell it for example, or Japanese)

-Imagine where similar anime titles were all written in English and Japanese all over the place, which then makes it very chaotic and disorganized.-

Adding on, there're bound to be grammar mistakes, wrong author, quotes that don't even exist in the first place, which then makes it a even more solid reason for it to be 'Checked' and 'Serve' to provide the best experience.

Plus quotes that are deemed qualified(by the community), but however with no face yet(Image to represent him/her) are sometimes hard to search the web for one specifically 600^x600^, hence, finding one that has a Resolution lower than 600x600 but is the already best to fit into the face would then have to be stretch or 're-sized' to 600x600 which then creates a poorer quality image.
(Not really a big deal, but quality images would be preferred tho, unless the quote really meets the criteria of [url=http://][/url] that'd be pretty much fine)

Lastly, to make the admission public, i think there would be even more 're-coding' to do which is kinda troublesome.

Thus with all of this, Having at least something or someone to be In-Charge to classify these items would be the best bet. Although it might be slower a little, but it wouldn't create a really messy interface for LR isn't it? xD

I think i've addressed all the problems we might face if this were to be approved (I'm not against this wonderful idea of yours or anything, really. Cause like what Samu said; Afterall, it's up to Ishi-senpaii!)

Wait... I think I've wrote too much, Sumimasen.
Modified by Nicollynee, 5 years ago
5 years ago
Joined: Nov 2014
Posts: 24
It seems I was misinformed then, from what I glanced through, the amount of quotes was said to be around 400-500 and seems to be steadily increasing.

However with your new information, it seems the staff is able to handle this current situation well after all.

And as I said, my suggestion would only last until the staff is able to handle it, which so happens to be the case. So feel free to ignore this thread from now on.
Thanks for the update.

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