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Patience is not the Key

7 years ago
Otaku Philosopher
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Many of us, if not all, like anime and as so, we follow those which have have left a lasting impression. "Will it ever be animated?" "Will have a sequel?" "Will it ever end?" "Will it have an epic ending or will they ruin it?" We are often lead to ask ourself these questions and the only thing we can do is sit quietly and wait patiently... which isn't helpful at all. Having said so, why express yourself it these forum? What are some anime you've been "patiently" waiting for this season? How about the in upcoming ones? Any anime you'd like to see animated? Any you fear seeing animated? Any endings you'd like to avoid seeing? Any other thing you'd like to comment about?

I'm my case and in this season, I've been waiting for Tokyo Ghoul's S2 and Death Parade. I'm waiting on Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Work S2, on the movie Heaven's Feel, Nisekoi S2, and No Game No Life S2. I'd like to see Fate/hollow ataraxia animated (okay I admit it, I'm obsessed with the Fate franchise) and the side stories of Mirai Nikki. The one anime I fear seeing animated is Utsuru no Hako to Zero no Maria since "it is too good to be animated."

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