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Forum Rules

9 years ago
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In order to keep the Forum tidy and fun to visit a few rules are needed. Failure to abide by the rules can result in your account being banned; either temporarily or permanently.

General Rules
The following General Rules apply to ALL aspects of the forum. This includes forum threads, posts, links, user profiles, avatars, comments, signatures, etc.
  1. Any content found in violation of the General Rules will simply be deleted. Depending on the severity of the offence members found breaking the General Rules will be given a warning, temporary ban or permanent ban. Please do not complain if your post is removed because the content is considered inappropriate. Staff decisions on these matters are final.
    These rules are only a guideline. If the situation arises where we feel the spirit of the rules are being broken or abused, we may take retrospective action on the offender(s).
Don't insult or harass other members
Insults, harassment, flaming, trolling, baiting or other similar abusive behavior towards other members of the forum will not be tolerated.

Don't provide inappropriate content
Any content (e.g. images, text, video, etc.) that is of a pornographic, extremely violent, repulsive or disturbing nature, or otherwise unsuitable for minors, is expressly forbidden.
While you are strongly discouraged from posting potentially offensive or risque content, that could be considered unsuitable for viewing at work and school, we understand that in some cases it is of value to the forum. In such cases you may link to it using a URL tag provided it is both suitable for a PG-13 audience and is accompanied by appropriate warnings. The inline-image feature (IMG tag) must NOT be used for such content.

Posting Rules
These rules govern what posts and threads members are allowed to create on this forum. They apply to ALL forums but do NOT apply to signatures or user profiles. The staff may allow exceptions to these rules or impose additional rules for certain threads and forums. Details of any such exceptions or additions will be given in forum announcements, sticky threads or the first post of an individual thread to which they apply.
  1. Messages that break the posting rules will be edited, closed or deleted. Depending on the severity of the offence, members found breaking the posting rules will be given a warning, a temporary ban or a permanent ban.
Don't post nonsense
You are not required to reply to every single thread and post in the forum. Please only reply if you have something useful to add to the thread. Posts such as "I agree", "OK" and "Me too" are all considered nonsense. If you do not have anything helpful to say in a thread or you do not know the answer to a question, please do not post simply to say that you do not have anything to say or that you do not know the answer to the question. Because that is as logical as calling every single person who's looking for an employee and telling them you're not fit for the job they are offering.

Don't make image heavy posts
This is a forum, not an image board. If you feel like sharing images, please do that at However, there are exceptions, especially if it's specifically applicable to the thread in question. Please keep in mind that all images taller than 150 pixels should be put inside spoiler tags. Failure to do so, will result in your thread/post being edited or removed.

Don't advertise your products, services or events
You are not permitted to post the URL of, or information about any website, product, service or event with which you are affiliated with, unless it forms an important part of an on-topic reply to a previous post, where providing the URL or information would be of specific interest to the topic. All advertising must be authorized by a member of staff prior to its publication within the forum.

No public personal conversations
This is a discussion forum not a chat room; threads with only two people chatting are generally dull for everyone else. If you want to chat with another member of the forum please use the comment section on their profile or contact the member directly using email or via internet messaging software.

Signature Rules
These rules apply only to member signatures.
  1. The signature rules are only loosely enforced. Nevertheless, signatures that violate them will be removed and/or replaced with a warning. Members who ignore warnings and keep violating these rules will receive infractions that may result in temporary or permanent bans. Annoying signatures, or those that break any part of the forum rules, may be edited or removed at any time without notice at the sole discretion of the staff.
Size Limits
To keep The forum loading quickly for users who wish to see signatures, and to preserve The forum's visual aesthetic, your signature must conform to the following size limits:
  1. Signature Dimensions:
    All contents of your signature, including all text and all images, must fit in a space that does not exceed 600 pixels wide by 200 pixels high.
  2. Signature File Size:
    If your signature includes one or more images, the total file size of all included images must not exceed 100 Kb (102,400 bytes).

Limited Advertising Permitted
Signatures are excluded from the advertising restrictions found in the posting rules; provided the site, product, service or event being advertised and the content of the advertisement complies with the rest of the rules. If you are not sure, please ask a member of staff.

Content Restrictions
Please refrain from including any image or text in a signature that could be considered a spoiler, or is otherwise in violation of any other section of the forum rules. In addition, your signature may not use the [ spoiler ] tag, or any tag that hides some or all of the signature contents.
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