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5 years ago
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Just some site re-work. I think we should have a section for anime/manga series (or whatever you want to name it)
SPOILER (show)
here. The page for each series would include things such as; Information about the series (Give an idea of the story, number of episodes, date of airing etc.) and information about the characters on it. Buttons/links to the quotes and pictures of the series.

A News/Announcements section for site updates and other important topics. I see that the "Guidelines/Important Information" does part of this but it could have a better name.

This is just something I wrote quickly, will probably think of something more when my mind becomes clear. If you have suggestions feel free to post below.
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5 years ago
The Multi-Billionaire Tycoon
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Thanks for your suggestion. It's already been talked about before and we do plan to implement something similar at some point in the future. :)
We'd welcome any further ideas you may have.
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