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6 years ago
Joined: Dec 2014
Posts: 1
Helloo everyone C: so I am new on this website which the anime Stein Gates brought me here to be honest x3 ( Oh! and I just finished watching the anime and movie!!! so awesome)
-Ahem- I will be giving out some details we go.
Name: Yoselin
Age: 18 years old
Female duh c:
Hobby: Reading, playing with my pets, playing games and watching either korean or japanese anime/drama/music.
Dislikes: Pancake, sweet stuff, Cherry, Sodas, etc.
Working? : Yes I am currently working a full time job.
Studying? : Sadly I had to drop it for a time being but hopefully I will start it once again next year :D yay!

I hope we can be friends <3 and well if you want to know anything feel free to ask me ^^
6 years ago
NEET Detective
Joined: Dec 2014
Posts: 416
Hello :D I'm new here too ^^
lets be friend ne~ if you want to :3
6 years ago
Joined: Nov 2014
Posts: 63
Welcome, enjoy your time on the site ;)
6 years ago
The Mad Philosopher
Joined: Aug 2014
Posts: 381
Hello Yoselin, I'm Rex. Nice to meet you.
But how can a person dislike sweet stuff? I mean, the sweets are my only friends in a world so dark and lonely.

Well then I welcome you to this less real world called less-real(duh). A world so beautiful that even most people's utopia seems irrelevant somehow.
This world is full of radiant colors and deep words. Words that change people. Words that warm your heart, and fills it with meaning... Words that change your way of thinking, altering the way you've looked at the world.
Where the words of the day are happiness and joyfulness.
Where pictures redefine the words 'art' and 'beauty', everything being turned to gray in their mighty glow.
Where the community is full of wonderful people who are happy and sincere(except me). Who love unconditionally for some cookies ^v^ and bring a smile to everyone's faces.

This is this world I call less-real.

6 years ago
The Angel
Joined: Nov 2014
Posts: 90
welcome at less-real ;DD
what a late greeting -.-

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