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Post anime depression

7 years ago
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Don't you think it's about time we acknowledge the big-ass elephant in the room?.. W-well I d-do! And I really only asked you to be polite... Plus it's a rhetorical question, so don't you give me that ear-piercing, heart-breaking, dream-killing NO. I know what I'm doing, okay? Just trust me. *tickle tickle*. I just invaded your personal space. Okay, I feel like I've raised the awkwardness levels enough for me to cut to the core of this post. OR HAVE I??.. Yes, yes I have. (<- rhetorical again. Makes me sound more intelligent than I actually am).

Seriously now. I've seen a handful of animes that really fucked me up. Those animes I liked a hell of a lot, but I felt really depressed after I finished watching them. It's almost like you gotta set aside a couple days for yourself to recover in advance. I find what really helps is to start watching another anime immediately, but it also has to be really good. Cause if it isn't, it's only gonna remind you how good the last one was and before you know it you'll be bashing your head into the ground and asking God why he forgot to add a "shut down" button on your ass. Do you guys ever have this experience? Share some animes that had the post-depression effect.

For me, just to name a few, it would be Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Lovely Complex.

That's it folks. Bless me with your answers, but you better bleed into that textbox when you do, cause we're all friends here and there's no reason to hold back.
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7 years ago
The Mad Philosopher
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Well, there were 3 that had a big impact for me: Death Note, Code Geass, Aoi Bungaku(the first 4 episodes. The others are other stories.) - still haven't watched Monster, FMAB, Lovely Complex, but I will give them a try in the near(VERY NEAR) future :)
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