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Image Submission Guidelines

7 years ago
The Stalker
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Image Submission Guidelines
The following document must be read if you are planning to submit an image.

Submitting an Image

All image uploads should adhere to these rules:
  1. Only anime/manga pictures. No cosplay, no photos in general.
  2. No adult material. Only work-safe and soft ecchi allowed.
  3. No duplicates.
  4. Minimum size is 500 x 500.
  5. Nothing larger than 12MB.
  6. Soft ecchi must be tagged respectively.
  7. No stretched images.
  8. No captions on images (Let's be honest, if you want captions you open paint and it's done).

Please consider adding at least a few tags to every image you upload.

You should really try to add a source. Everything you need to know about sourcing
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