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4th Admiral (Green bull) -- One Piece

5 years ago
The Paper Kid
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No one can tell who he/she is so the question is what type of devil fruit he/she has, what kind of power he/she will have.

Previously they had three Logia type as admirals Akainu(red dog), Kizaru(Yellow Monkey) and Aokiji(Blue Pheasant)
But currently they have shown two admirals one is Kizaru(Yellow Monkey) and other is Fujitora(Wisteria/Purple Tiger) one is logia and other is paramecia so can think that Ryokugyu(Green Bull) would be Zoan. For making Logia-Paramecia-Zoan combo

Now as per knowledge from other admiral names

Color represent their power and Animal represent their Personality

Akainu(Red for Magma, Dog for Loyal but persistent)
Kizaru(yallow for light, Monkey for Dumb/laid-back)
Aokiji(Blue for Ice, Pheasant for Lazy)
Fujitora(Purple for gravity, Tiger for fierce)


Ryokugyu(Green for _______, Bull for _______)

Give your thoughts.

My guess is "Mystical Zoan Tree Ent" its best suited. Google it "Tree ent" ;) And it will be green for tree, bull for (stubborn in nature. Very aggressive and short-tempered)

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