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5 years ago
The Potato King
Joined: Jul 2013
Posts: 11
TO those heroes that sacrifice their time to approve these lovely quotes submitted by the masses in a bid to elevate the human soul by shining light on the pits of the human heart which consequently elevate the foundation of thought in the human mind; this servant of literature humbly requests that you slow down.

I see that the mods are hard at work, approving all those quotes that didn't get the proper attention they deserved. But you're approving them waaay too fast. Usually people won't scroll down to the first page to look at the previously uploaded quotes and hence a lot of the new quotes will be overlooked.

You guys should probably make a policy about approving twenty or so quotes for a set number of days. And approve no more in the given time.
5 years ago
The Paper Kid
Joined: Apr 2013
Posts: 28
Hahaha! Yeah! I kinda like that suggestion. But I think it can't be helped at the moment. I'm sure they've got hundreds or thousands of quotes waiting for approval and they need to keep up the pace to cover for the time they haven't updated the Quotes section.

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