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Anime Recommendations19 months
What is your top 3 favorite anime show2811 months
Naruto or Fairy Tail 122 years
How are you gonna explain Anime to your parents/people who think it's for kids?92 years
What do you do when you're not on Less-Real?122 years
Biggest anime that you watched103 years
Naruto Shippuden Quotes43 years
BEST anime that you saw of all123 years
Help me pick an avatar13 years
Strike the Blood II 23 years
any suggestion will do :)23 years
(????)?*:??? Channel! 13 years
Good serious anime.23 years
Koe no Katachi (Movie)33 years
netflix bound33 years
good anime???244 years
Anime & Manga Amino14 years
What was the last show you completed?1354 years
What is the chronological order of Fate series24 years
What was the saddest anime movie or series that you have ever watch?84 years
Any comedy anime like nichijou & koukousei no nichijou?24 years
Fairy Tail/Fairy Tail Zero Abridged?14 years
Last Letter Game [ANIME]11384 years
Naruto Fans Unite [ANIME]44 years
Anime you wish it has a Second Season ^_^684 years
I see some Korean and Chinese anime nowadays... 14 years
New anime??65 years
Who is the FUNNIEST PERSON in Anime History?!?!255 years
Let's see who is the best villian in anime?75 years
Funniest Anime45 years
Anime that makes you cry T.T55 years
The Best Anime Series That Has Made You Cry?695 years
Elfen lied85 years
MyAnimeList65 years
Mystery Anime35 years
D.Gray-man145 years
Favorite Action of a Character25 years
Diabolik lovers 65 years
What is your favourite anime song?165 years
Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans15 years
Anyone know the exact episode this exact quote was used?25 years
Hidden Gems !!35 years
What Anime Should I Watch Next?105 years
If you could bring a deceased character back to life, who would it be?145 years
Konbanwa 45 years
Anime to reality85 years
Favourite Anime Ending(s)45 years
What Anime Do You Want To Have A Live Action Film?!?!?!?!?!?85 years
Shingeki no Bahamut S215 years
Any Romcom animes?135 years
What are some really epic anime series?205 years
Over-rated65 years
Who else thinks that Oregairu or Hachiman Hikigaya deserves to be the topic of teens react?46 years
Gintama Moments26 years
First Memorable Anime56 years
who is your favorite anime series 116 years
YOU.. "review"16 years
Favourite Anime Opening(s)46 years
Good anime name for a chatbox name16 years
who is the most Badass anime character ever?176 years
Fairy Tail * ANYTHING GOES*56 years
Favorite Anime of All Time ! --with explanation :)326 years
Nanatsu no taizai 26 years
Naruto(Anime Only,shippuden as well)56 years
Who's the best pitcher? Goro or Eijun?56 years
Psycho-Pass106 years
4th Admiral (Green bull) -- One Piece16 years
Sports Anime Lovers Unite!!! XD26 years
Who is the GREATEST HERO in Anime History!!!?426 years
Manga that needs to have an anime adaptation.106 years
Who is your favorite "loli" anime character?76 years
Who is your favorite anime loveteam?26 years
Recommendation of your favorite anime or manga or manhwa146 years
LATEST ANIME ^^166 years
Iron Knight17 years
Naruto vs. Sasuke37 years
Shingeki no Kyojin77 years