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Quote already existed even though it's not.14 years
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Website problem or is just me85 years
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What about some smiley faces?636 years
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Request Username Change?87 years
Anime Music?237 years
why not make twitter page for less-real37 years
Few Suggestions47 years
user count bug27 years
Image tags suggestions27 years
Heartnet Reporting....787 years
'MULTI' Quotes27 years
Clubs?47 years
Great way of getting new member/people to sign up!37 years
Feedback ; Quotes/Images87 years
Another suggestion for LR97 years
Archer quotes107 years
Our Contributions! 87 years
The Search Engine37 years
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A semi-mediocre suggestion for the ridiculous quote submissions47 years
Inform the Images of characters you want to be added...27 years
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Quote banner with your favorite quote and profile stats.27 years
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User-personalizable site theme17 years
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