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I love you.11 month
I am wondering if it's okay14 months
Anyone?54 months
Who is back on here?257 months
Share any creative creations in this forum. 27 months
Have You Ever?31427 months
Let's keep it alive.211 months
I've been curious what LR turns out21 year
LR back 2 lyf celebrations :D…yay!!151 year
Hentai posted on LR11 year
Help in updating a fb page for less real quotes so that these words wont left unread...11 year
Less-Real is shutting down291 year
I literally just joined less-real and i find out it is dead.21 year
If you’re a person, who can’t sleep feel free to chat with me. Because I can’t sleep either.132 years
ANIME QUOTES :)12 years
Driving with a bad wheel bearing?22 years
"This" or "That" 8622 years
G0 T0 H311!!!12 years
Word Chain42 years
Love Day! (02.14.16)472 years
Buy it, Sell it, Trash it92 years
Would you Rather62 years
Shiritori3902 years
how does the 'currency' (if we could call it that) work??32 years
How To33 years
What If?323 years
Ban the person above you1193 years
Change One Word3163 years
Word Association Game4083 years
Memes of Anime33 years
meet you23 years
Fairy tail discussion.33 years
What is the sadness story in your life?53 years
Cultural Appropriation23 years
What life would you choose?73 years
Are digimon real?173 years
Harambe23 years
Gravity falls anyone?53 years
New Year 34 years
Guess who the character is924 years
Sword or Gun?84 years
"How nice would it be"34 years
Bug?14 years
Favorite anime song?34 years
Guess which anime is this from64 years
You there?24 years
Gods are bored.14 years
Rem Vs Emilia RE: ZERO24 years
Name64 years
Never forget yourself.04 years
how to change54 years
Is it possible to share collections?44 years
Igcse14 years
Youtube Content Strikes? Your Thoughts?34 years
Chat Times14 years
Short Funny Manga Memes! The LRgag? xD94 years
MEME44 years
Less-Real Chat24 years
Haii54 years
hello! is anybody there????54 years
Arch Linux Skype?54 years
Tagging :V74 years
Message from the long lost angel!44 years
Friends!!!24 years
Favorite Anime!!!64 years
Reviving this almost dead community xD2424 years
Last Post, WIN! (2)874 years
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!45 years
Should Artificial Intelligence receive rights once devopled?45 years
The Best Quote 195 years
New site theme65 years
What number are we at? Ah, ok.. posts'. Not Anymore! mwahaha 535 years
InActive members25 years
Information Hub165 years
Reality over fantasy, what do you chose?85 years
Resigning. 05 years
Kindest character65 years
Discovering a Bad Credit History Loan15 years
Points of interest Of Poor Credit Payday Loans15 years
Android App Need Help for extra feartures15 years
Bounty Office 15 years
Lonely, and in need of friend.505 years
The game that everyone played.75 years
Welcome AA USERS 15 years
Need Help (Big Annoyance)75 years
Same Or change?15 years
Will I ever find the one???1535 years
What would you change in your life?85 years
Suggestions for anime.95 years
Collections25 years
Fall 2015: Anime List15 years
Frustration of being the Only Otaku95 years
What world without a world can do to your life?45 years
Who are you?235 years
Our imaginary world. 165 years
Happy and stupid OR Miserable and smart?205 years
Lose old memories or lose the ability to make new ones?75 years
HAHAHA!35 years
How life treating you675 years
Who roleplays in here? If so message on here15 years
The Last Question125 years
Last Post, WIN!2345 years
Need Help?35 years
Nejaki25 years
The Apocalypse 15 years
deep inside285 years
I'm a NEET?275 years
I need someone to talk to...325 years
Talk to ME!235 years
Do you have a alter ego that you want to be the most95 years
searching quotes45 years
Need help25 years
Your opinions on the user above you95 years
So... ummm155 years
Out Of All The Anime People, Who Would You Want To Be In The Real World?185 years
Hey Guys, lets add our own quote here. Let's see how anime and manga affect us.805 years
Tag Me Please....15 years
Anime/Manga 55 years
What is the most painful things that u had to see15 years
Quotes Request75 years
How did you find out about Less-Real175 years
What makes you sad/frown ?195 years
What's your Favorite Cover?25 years
Instagram225 years
Member-Character~ties~15 years
Harshly judge the person above you based on their comments/posts115 years
Your first Anime?135 years
aYE-- I'M BORED285 years
The Story Game.05 years
What's your dream?105 years
Kuroshitsuji Talk? I'm new here :325 years
Reverse Harem55 years
Which Power/Ability would you choose???75 years
what time it is now? 275 years
Brain teaser :DD275 years
Booooored... The- he :P105 years
Is there a song out there that you think we don't know about? , If you do, share it15 years
Your favorite song/s215 years
What makes you happy/smile ?25 years
Worthy Pokes~45 years
Patience is not the Key16 years
My bandwagone?36 years
What makes a good shake?16 years
Happy New Year!26 years
Yum or Yuck186 years
Holidays/TheNewYear26 years
Does the end justify the means?76 years
Which anime power would you love to have?1156 years
What is a real man?446 years
November366 years
The Adventures of Jeffery and Brandi (for adults only)206 years
Where would you like to live?156 years
What about the new layout.86 years
Post anime depression26 years
Happy corner126 years
lets start a story206 years
Sport anime/manga lover's unite!26 years
AMV36 years
"Stupid" habbits206 years
If you haven't watch this anime, your loss and meaningless166 years
Guessing Game # 1376 years
Tell me your favorite songs from the anime you've watched ;)126 years
Type of Anime Character You Like36 years
YAOI Fangirls/boys!16 years
Alcoholic Anonymous56 years
If Your A Fan Of One Piece What Is Your Favorite Quote Or Moment?46 years
[OFF] YGO ONLINE16 years
Y.O.L.O66 years
Live Chat!16 years
what the most addicted anime?236 years
What's good and what's evil?86 years
can i ask.... >...<56 years
Long episode anime opinion 46 years
Can anyone recommend me some good short anime series''']] ?216 years
What if everyone you know was going to die tomorrow?96 years
Your favorite activities?76 years
January 817 years
Happy New Year47 years
Yuletide Season ^__^77 years
what anime quote do you like most?227 years
Do you dream when you sleep?147 years
Just testing something17 years
Would you break the law to save a loved one?117 years
Should you lend money to friends?57 years
I Love You!!!37 years
Personality87 years
Is it correct to call the Shamisen a guitar?37 years
Greatest fear337 years
can you recommend me some manga or manwa??87 years
Your favorite voices in anime. 57 years
Age87 years
Ano..47 years
What are your dreams?187 years
Working as an ADMIN in an ANIME PAGE/GROUP??57 years
A title for some group of you knew the meaning?57 years
How do "muggles" react to anime?157 years
Otaku Melody~67 years
Otaku47 years
If you could change one thing.117 years
Sharing food57 years
Know an Anime like that?57 years
How to put images in signature?37 years
Adding Quotes27 years
Why are you, you?57 years
is betrayal a good thing or bad thing?97 years
Anime memes~67 years
What we do differently77 years
What is your "procrastination" routine?197 years
Cosplay ~17 years