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Hello everyone !71 month
Hello? How are you?12 months
The Less-Real Salvation67 months
Fairy Tail Abridged52 years
Hallo!22 years
Wow Site is Dead22 years
Hello there33 years
my discussion is about my introduction and stuff. where do i type the title for this anyway?43 years
Get Chance and Luck34 years
What is your future career? 214 years
new member, duh...84 years
It's yo boi Haroldian B!tch33Z!!!!!74 years
Mind to share personal info?54 years
Konnichiwa (^_^)/'' 44 years
It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.14 years
H-hello??34 years
I'm not good with this kind of stuff...^^'104 years
Hey you34 years
I can't believe I'm doing this...54 years
Need help...25 years
making some friends :) i want to have some :)35 years
Heyo, jaz heven' ma entroo.25 years
Yamamasama45 years
Hi.15 years
Oheyo newbie alert35 years
Churu Churu Churu Payapa 325 years
I'm an Otaku, what about you?25 years
Hai!!!35 years
hi!! 55 years
HEY....(^_^)\155 years
Hello there.75 years
hello im new in this kind of stuff but i have already this account months ago35 years
I'm New in Less Real55 years
Hello!25 years
hello_there.....25 years
I'm new ^^35 years
ohayo minna!!!25 years
Hello, world of Less-Real! 215 years
Guten Morgen45 years
A new face in less real 65 years
Hi there guys and girls75 years
What dat mouth do doe?55 years
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy35 years
Introductions?35 years
Haro! oha oha~ kon kon!~ Hajimemashite, Nesha desu!36 years
Hi, I'm Paul36 years
Hello Everyone46 years
Uh Hi i guess.................................How... are you?116 years
Heyo~76 years
Hello there!56 years
Notice me.66 years
~ Ohhh HELLO THERE. Please be my friend (: 66 years
Yahallooo~66 years
scared of everything, send help66 years
Just a little of your time is enough. :)1856 years
Hello. Everyone. Im new here.106 years
Much original many wow!!!36 years
probably best title ever ! (?°?°??? ???86 years
Hi. I don't really know how to use this.56 years
Hm We Finally Meet26 years
OHAYOU GOZAIMASU! / ????????? !86 years
Small chat groups236 years
Just be friends86 years
It's not like I w-want to b-befriend you g-guys very b-badly! BAKA!16 years
Let's be friends~ ^_^156 years
new here56 years
A New Stranger Here46 years
Hi, everyone! Let's be friends!236 years
Hello, Nice to meet you guys :D36 years
Hey256 years
Protocol.86 years
Friends maybe??316 years
Hello, (?´???)56 years
?CLICK HERE?96 years
Newbie :356 years
New to Less-Real- ReikoYui ?246 years
can we be friends. pwity pwes96 years
Aye nice to meet you 366 years
best_topic_name_evur_like_hi_lyk_i_cant_even_rite_nao66 years
Hai 56 years
a world just like anime? or reality?56 years
AnimeAncestor46 years
Otakus Unite! I LIKE COOKIES!!! XD66 years
Heyoo ~ :D56 years
The Rise Of The King36 years
Loving this 56 years
Hello :D136 years
Konichiwa56 years
ಠ_ಠ46 years
Hello. :D56 years
hi im late doing this26 years
myself26 years
yo peac'sup~?26 years
Why am I doing this?26 years
yo!86 years
Yo! Newbie alerts ^_^147 years
Hello! GabrielMR here37 years
Yo! pororoppar here. :327 years
Hello mina-san xD27 years
Toby ~ Welcome me!!!27 years
Heyo!!47 years
Ishimaru desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!257 years
Hello, Hope to meet some awsome Otaku here XD27 years
Anime Forever <327 years
Solid Otaku... :))27 years
I don't usually do this27 years
Hey!27 years
Hi....?27 years
Know each other37 years
Creative opinions regarding having a friend who loves anime...27 years
Otaku :)17 years
favor :) can you like my page :)107 years
Let's be friends!27 years
amazing47 years
Hello Hello17 years
Konnichiwa!57 years
hi :) 67 years
HEYO!37 years
Newbie Here!27 years
Hi................37 years
hello ^_^67 years
introduction-toxicbotto11717 years
What's up peoples?217 years
hiiiiii37 years
Wat17 years
Hi, i am almozayaf37 years
ohayo27 years
hey guies47 years
A.N.I.M.E17 years
Konichiwa!57 years
greetings dudes.....17 years
Gomen for late introduction :) 27 years
Hello to all!!37 years
Kon! Kon!28 years
Aah, PSA from your senpai28 years
Hi!38 years
Hello !!68 years
Hello28 years
Hello (.^_^.) v28 years
Hey!!! I'm new38 years
Osu!~68 years
Hello Everyone!48 years
new28 years
Ciela desu.78 years
so hi.68 years
Kon'nichiwa watashi wa atarashiidesu -Outlineman98 years
Hello!!!!48 years
NatsuIgneel95 here....yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!38 years
NEW!28 years
おっす みな!私 は Noctis...228 years
Shiro Kuma desu ! Yoroshiku ~ 68 years
konnichiwa28 years
Would you mind reading it?38 years
~Hello I am.... and your are... 208 years