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Boss, friendship is not something decided in one day, but it's something formed before you know it.

A human is a being that keeps on facing death. For someone like you who has faced death once, I am sure you can live better on your second life. Now I think of living a better life in my next life too. Cherishing each and every day...

August said:

Light and darkness are not inherently good or evil. If there is one true "good" in this world, perhaps it is love.

There is experience in everything. The more premature an experience is, the more there is to be gained from it.

Intense feelings for the one you love can serve as strength.

Someone taking responsibility through death will only lead to sorrow.

Hatred will only rob you of your heart's freedom and eat away at you.

Humans are supposed to love others more! They stand up for those they hold dear, and wield swords for those who shed tears!

Hoteye said:

People's hearts are not meant to be bent by magic. Even weak hearts can be raised by us to be strong!

You need to relax a little. Do so, and you'll begin to see things you once were blind to. You'll begin to hear things you were once deaf to. Life is much more enjoyable than you think.

The wish to change the world is the only thing that drives history!

"Gaining" and "losing" things are an unavoidable part of life for everyone. You feel joy, you feel disappointment, and it repeats. And that's how you learn how to handle your feelings. Dissapointment and loneliness are necessary emotions. Because of loneliness, people muster courage... and reach out to a new world. Doing that is like reaching out as a baby does, and expands its small world.

Lenny said:

You see, I believe music is something that will bring happiness to everyone. I believe that's the same for every generation. It brings hearts together, softens pain, gives us courage, and connects us to tomorrow.

Friends apologise differently, do you know how? You have to make them a promise, tell them what you'll do next time, and then you keep that promise no matter what.

Merchants are people who open their own path to the future, with their wisdom. Then, if the 30,000 merchants that live in this city work together, and tackle a problem together, there is no situation that you can't overcome. What we need is unity. All of you have brilliant minds! Let's use that brilliance to shine the path that we should take!

To use the crimes of the past as a reason to block change in the world now is just laziness.

Kazeshini said:

Life is not just living. By asking you to offer life, I am not asking you to die, and I am not asking you to kill. Life includes dying. And as for blood... that's the oil that has kept your life burning. It could be money, your sense of duty, your pride... even that thing you call 'fear'.

The world isn't kind. Just being alive is terrifying... That's exactly why you've got to be kind to everybody around you.

Nothing is more meaningless than an army without an enemy to conquer.

Ruby Rose said:

We've all lost something, and I've seen what loss can do to people. But if we gave up every time we lost, then we'd never be able to move forward.