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When you grow up, make sure you live your life honestly. Even if it might seem like a good idea at the time, cheating people will only make them want to retaliate. But if you live an honest and straight-forward life, you will be sure to find happiness!

If we can't trust each other, then we're as good as strangers.

People don't live because they are chasing hope. They have hope because they are alive.

Ties... are not forgotten... They're severed.

Tell a white lie, or run away from something scary. Sometimes, you realize that was actually the best choice in the end.

No matter how much you learn a foreign language, and how hard you study, and speak it fluently... That alone is still only a means to communicate with those of another country. It's not necessarily equal an effort to change your nationality. It's the same thing. How she was created in the likeness of humans is not to be human, nor to become a human. It is to be together with humans.

If you say, "I know, but I can't," then just quit!

I've never made bets because of what I have to gain. Simply having people die meaningless deaths from the outcome of a gamble... It's better that way. That gets closer to a meaningless death that is the essence of gambling.

Mankind. You are currently attempting to decide as soon as possible if I am friend or foe. But in all events, there is no such thing as a 100% probability. You must continue to think: am I a foe, a friend? That is right. To constantly think... is the only right answer in the world.

Diane said:

Everyone has their reasons for fighting, but... there's no such thing as someone who's born evil.

If you are aware that you hurt someone, then you must not forget about it. You must not use pleasant words to forget about it. Do not look away. Continue to ask yourself what you can do. In other words, that is the reason for you living. The World requires choice and resolution. Embrace it, and face it.

The world is abuzz with the news of the show reaching the end of its run. But there's an even scarier end awaiting us: the end of our lives. Everything without exception has an end. So I think it'd be best to laugh happily until it's time to close the- *A door is shut*

We're only human. We all make mistakes sometimes. Just don't make mistakes when lives are at stake.

Horo said:

There is no better time to part, than when we wish for it never to end.

Horo said:

Men are onions. Many layers and all of them make you cry.

Horo said:

I am helping you because I believe in you with all my heart.

Horo said:

Pain makes one wise!

Horo said:

I believe I am drunk. I will put myself to bed before I say anything else I regret.

Stay in that pose of admiration and realize... your defeat is absolute.

Seita said:

What's so fun about killing people like that?!