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All I ask of you is to not give up on humans. Please don't lose your faith on them. Losing hope on humanity is easy, and hating them is even easier. But to keep loving humans... is the most difficult of all.

One incapable of determining their own fate is just an insect.

You... told me before, Right? That God is made of people's feelings? So... believing in God... is the same as believing in people. I... I don't really understand God myself but... I believe in people. I guess that's okay. I... love people. I love you Yuca.. and Freya. You two... are my Gods.

There's no right way to live one's life. Our path in life just forms behind us.

Who a person hangs out with is their choice. And I couldn't care less about rumors. Until I tried talking to them myself, I wouldn't know...

Why are you lying to yourself? Nothing's going to resolve itself if you keep avoiding the problem.

Questions in life aren't usually provided by someone else. You find or realize that those questions or problems exist yourself. And the answers to them aren't fixed, either. Everyone has their own, unique answers. Isn't that what games are all about?

But is it love in your case when you're so easily disturbed? Women aren't going to follow the script like in a game. The hottest girl around will still fart and poop. Eventually she'll age and become an ugly manager. If you love someone, that means you're ready to accept that. Love is a resolve to create an illusion that accepts this reality. When you love a cold machine... if you can't show affection for the manager, humans, reality, you have no right to speak for love!

Ushii said:

Righteous action requires righteous intent.

Ushii said:

One. First, I try to do the right thing. Two. Then, I do the right thing. That is all.

Carrying a weapon on your shoulder is threatening behavior. If you truly wish to appear strong, hide your weapon as you walk.

One who possesses reason should require a reason to fight.

If you can serve as neither medicine nor poison, then you're nothing more than water.

Everyone has a feeling they can't give a name to. Everyone does. And it makes all of us hurt inside.

Confessing your feelings to someone isn't an easy thing. You spend everyday in anguish, yet you still can't do it. The words "I love you" hang in your throat and you can't seem to force them out. I think her earnest feelings deserve a proper answer, don't you?

What you want, someone else always has. And usually, it means nothing to that person who actually has it. It's pretty much a miracle when you have what you want, and most comedies and tragedies happen due to the absence of that miracle. That's basically how this whole world works.

You can close your eyes... Cover your ears... And keep your mouth shut... But you cannot stop... How you feel toward someone.

Listen up, Pete. If you're ever suffering, the first thing to do is smile on your face, it'll spread to the rest of your body and even your heart. See...? Any built up tension is released, right? Don't ever forget this. As a family, we are constantly supporting each other so we can smile.

I can't do anything on my own. But... you being there for me makes me feel like I can do anything.

That experience brought me to my senses; there is no Grand Redeemer in this world. No matter how hard I pray, no one will stretch out their hand to help me. That's why... there's only one way to continue living. Find all those out there weaker than you and exploit them for all they are worth! That is our cruel reality!