Kou Ichinomiya, Arakawa Under the Bridge
Leaving my mother's body, for the first time I learned the chill of cold air and the warmth of human hands. Cradled by my father and carried out of that room, for the first time, I learned the extent of the sky and the vast expanse of the world. Stepping off my everyday path, I learned my own laugh which I'd never yet heard. Beyond...Beyond this planet..To learn what I still don't know. One more step beyond... Closer to you.

- Kou Ichinomiya
(Arakawa Under the Bridge)

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[-]daddiabdel1 year ago

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what episode ?
[-]Haroldian1 year ago

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Season 1 episode 11. Sorry it took a while for me to reply; I had to skim through some episodes online.