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Let those who seek death find it.

Having everything handed to you on a silver platter doesn't necessarily equate to happiness. There are too many choices that you don't even want...

We need to stop living for others. From now on...Let's live for ourselves!!

Thorkell said:

I love fighting, but even more than that, I hate losing! I only fight to win!!

After everything I've faced.... Having a future with you snatched away from me ...is definitely the most terrifying thing I've ever had to endure....

Vorona said:

Love. I myself have never loved another person. Most likely, I don't even love myself. I do have knowledge of it. But I am incapable of determining whether or not it is vital in my life.

Haruhiro said:

It's a battle of life and death, and I'm still alive! So I'm not going to give up, and I'll keep living. I'll keep living until I die.

In order to achieve something there are some things that you have to be unsatisfied with in the first place. Having a complex is the source to greatness.

Naru said:

If I'm not at my limit, means I'm not trying as hard as I can!

There are only so many lives I can value. And...I decided who those people were six years ago. So...You shouldn't try to ask for my pity. Because right now, I don't have...Time to spare or room in my heart.

Kill me. Make it quick. I no longer have the strength left in me to even walk. If you do not cut me down now, then this will go unsettled for eternity.

Vorona said:

If there's any possibility that I might visit this city again...Then I challenge you to a duel. I wish to speak with you head-on, to within an inch of my life...To actually experience the joy of existing in this world...that is my desire.

Ylva said:

Well, if they're dead, then that's the end of it. Crying about it gets you nothing but an empty stomach

Haruhiro said:

We fall into a routine and make careless mistakes because of that. Maybe it'd be good for us to have some excitement or be under pressure once in a while.

Wealth is a nightmare. With each coveted thing we buy, we lose a thing we dream about.

Ymir said:

I want to survive...And see her again. As a person, I'm really lower than shit...But she knows that, and she smiles kindly at me anyway.

You are human, are you not? You are allowed to make mistakes.

Love provides the worth of everything in the world. Without love...gold, silver, horses, and women...all are worthless.

Blue Owl said:

A true hero is a sage with a clean heart, a fake hero is a fool with an ignoble heart. The sage will be saved and the fool will be punished.

Mary said:

Okay. I will protect all of you. I will never let another friend die.