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Man fears death and yet, at the same time, man is drawn to death. Death is endlessly consumed by men in cities and in literature. It is a singular event in one's life that none may reverse. That is what I desire.

Yogi said:

While it takes time to recover from the loss of a loved one, having an opportunity to take your mind off things helps too.

The root of all your evil is in always relying on one of your other possibilities to get your wish. You must accept that you are the person here, now, and that you cannot become anyone else other than that person.

No matter how careful your risk hedging is, there will still be holes in your plan! Realizing them and making sure that they are promptly dealt with, is the duty of those who stand at the top.

Smiles are what connect people! It allows them to communicate through their souls! Souls that are connected... Will never lose to power that only relies on control!

Your god is a fragment of your imagination from your weakness.

I have no idea what you really want, what you're really thinking, or what the right thing to do really is. But I'm your friend. Let me stay.

Anyway, here's my point. Trivial setbacks like yours and mine are nothing but common occurrences in everyday life! Getting hung up over pointless crap like that shows that you're a joke! A complete and utter joke!

Remember that a sword held by someone who is about to die… will never be able to protect anything.

Life isn't about counting all the things you've lost, It's about increasing the number of important things in it.

Dio Brando said:

Jojo, being human means having limits. I've learned something. The more carefully you scheme, the more unexpected events come along

Do not live bowing down. You must die standing up.

Evil is when you use the weak for your own gain and crush them under your foot.

Are you afraid? You don’t want to die, do you? Not just Abarai, if anyone… acts upon the thought of not wanting you to die, you will suddenly begin to fear your impending death, right?

Courage must know fear and make fear its own! Fear upsets breathing! Conquer fear and your breath will never fail you! Hamon breathing comes from courage! A good human is a brave human! Courage is a marvel of humanity!

Vorona said:

A city far away from my homeland. There, after becoming acquainted with strangers, have I changed, perhaps? That uncontrollable impulse I harbored within me...Has it faded away now, I wonder? What exactly am I doing here in this city?

Each one of them has something to improve. Victory doesn't come from technique or power alone. In the end, what's needed is a heart that won't give up. The only question is -- Do they have what it takes to push beyond their limits?

Ryou said:

Have a dream that you can achieve within your lifetime!

Oubu said:

Old techniques created by others will never be your own. Only what you create and experience for yourself can become your own.

Kuklo said:

All the people I saw from my cage...All the things I saw from my cage, that was the whole world to me. At first, all I could sense was the hostility of the people looking at me from outside...And their feelings of fear. Piercing gazes, hurled stones, whips, sticks...Everything outside the cage was frightening, a source of pain...But eventually I began to realize something. I began to see their other emotions, not just their hostility and fear of me. They were the emotions of families, lovers, and friends who came to the sideshow...Emotions meant for each other.