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Examined from another angle, your faults and weaknesses can be weapons.

A barbarian punches someone when he feels like it, a soldier attacks when it's time to attack, and Ikta Solork says everything he wants whenever he wants to say it.

If you are weak, don't bare your fangs.

Kureo Mado said:

As long as it's for the right cause, there's nothing wrong with playing dirty.

I kinda like that about you. If only everyone had the guts to fight for each other like you do, the world might have been a better place.

It's quite easy for humans to become adults, but to always have a child-like heart that makes everything joyful isn't such an easy task.

You'll never be able to go anywhere unless you learn how to let go.

Nico Robin said:

Fools who don't respect the past are likely to repeat it.

This has nothing to do with will. There is neither an egg that refuses to hatch nor a seed that evades it's eventual sprouting.

The day when you'll finally understand me... will never come.

Gilgamesh said:

Fool… I belong among the heavens? Yet you would have me trod upon the ground?! Your impudence has guaranteed your death! Mongrel! When I am through with you, nothing will remain of your corpse!

What do you think it means to be the strongest man in the world? The strongest man in the world has power, skill, wisdom, heart, and luck.

Gilgamesh said:

So, you would question me, you filthy mongrel? Me, the one true king? If you cannot now discern my identity in the presence of my magnificent glory, then you’re ignorant blindness will serve to seal your doom!

Sei said:

I... the society I was in- says that if you don't have anything you want to do, then you're no good. That if you don't have dreams, you're no good. If you don't win, you're no good. If you can't get a nice life... if you can't accumulate a lot... then you aren't happy, they said. And yet... and yet, mom... I... I just wanted you to say that I'm fine how I am. That's all.

Babies are jobless when they are born too! It's just that they are tainted in the large bathtub called life after that!

Jae-ha said:

Having my fate decided for me from the time I was born goes against my view of beauty.

Marga said:

If you live after giving up on the things you want to do and the world around you doesn't sparkle, it's the same thing as being dead. If you don't give up, even if it's short, it'll be a fantastic life!

Geniuses don't understand the feelings of people who aren't able to do something.

I'm not sure what you're talking about, but to atone for that you got mad and decided to do this alone? Rem... Super slap! For starters, are you dumb? No, you are dumb! Listen, where I'm from there's a saying, "3 heads are better than 1." Wait, is it 2 heads? Whatever, the point is, 3 heads, thinking together are harder to break than only 1 arrow. It means you should rely on those around you instead of thinking about stuff alone!

I'm used to gettting clobbered by her and all. But damn. A slap on the face hurts so much more.