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There are all sorts of goodbyes. There are sad goodbyes, and sometimes goodbyes you're thankful for, that take a load off your mind. It often happens that someone you say goodbye to unexpectedly returns, all self-conscious. Then there are times when, anticipating that, you put on the front of a short goodbye, only to have them not return so soon. And then there are goodbyes that last forever, true goodbyes that only happen once in your life.

Your impression of people is renewed every day. As you spend time with them and grow with them, you come to understand more.

They say that in hard times, you'll never in your life forget the person who gave you a cup of water.

There are people who ruin the atmosphere just by existing, you know.

Skilled only at making excuses that justify nothing, he is someone whose life has no value. The same goes for me. I have the right to stop you because I'm just like you.

When you compare love and hate in this world... There is a lot more hate than love, and it's much stronger. So, if we consider every one of them as hate, we'll be right most of the time. I don't have time to pick out the truth anyway.

There're too many people who worry about the things I don't worry about.

To ensure that all I've done won't end up a lie. I don't want to talk big game to people, then run away when it matters the most. This is a wall I must overcome on my own. If there's anything I want to change, I have to change myself. If I must become evil to defeat evil, I will become the devil himself. That's all to it.

Don't go believing everyone with glasses is smart!

If we understood how other people felt, then nobody would ever start wars!

As they say about the vulgar masses, the more people flock to a group, the more foolish they become. No matter how prominent an individual is, no, it’s because he is prominent that he would be blotted out by the sheer force of numbers when thrown into that lump of people. Individual will, qualifications, and personality, let alone emotions aren’t considered at all. We see only what we want to see, listen only to what we want to listen to, but for the things we want to say, we aren’t able to. This is the society that we’re living in right now.

When you're sincere about doing something, you're stalked by the fear that there's no turning back.

Music isn't supposed to be something you do to show off your abilities to your rivals.

People aren't complicated. We work hard when we know that we'll get something in return, and we try to work even harder if that something is our own improvement.

Brook said:

What do you know of death?!! Have you ever died?!! You think death will preserve your cause forever?!! Ridiculous!! Death leaves nothing behind!! Once a person passes on, nothing remains but dead bones!! If there is one thing I can’t stand, it is a person with no respect for life!!

Brook said:

Neither God nor the Devil can give aid to those without the will to fight…

Arlong said:

Living is important! It is because one lives, one can enjoy things! Everyone has their own designated place and position in life! This man understands the futility of resisting against that fact! You see, not all living things, are born equal!

Frau said:

Don’t allow hatred to devour your heart. The one that you care for will only move farther away.

Not fighting frantically for your life is all right, too. The important thing is… to decide on your own what you should do.

The human heart will always sway. And only then do we know that it is truly a human heart.