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You're not God, nor are you a sister. But it's because I feel that you're much closer to me than God, I'm much more afraid of being hated by you.

Lies are like colours. The more you pile up, the blacker things get.

What takes reason a hundred years to build a bridge to only takes the wings of faith a single night to reach.

(Her dad) He'd always tell me that family isn't about being related by blood. Living under the same roof and caring for each other is what family is all about.

Ever since I was little, I've always been curious. Why doesn't the witch, who can use her magic to transform a shabby girl into someone lovely, cast a spell on herself? If she used her magic on herself, she could become lovely too. The witch does not use her magic on herself because she knows the emptiness that follows when the spell breaks.

I despise myself... because others are too kind to me...

As long as the kindness received from others... is returned back, it's fine even if it takes time.

There are always chances in life.

I think that what people who've committed crimes need isn't punishment, but rather the knowledge of the pain of being forgiven.

Every girl is born a princess, some of them just forget is all.

Anyone can say that he likes himself best. When you say that you like someone, you just end up liking yourself in the moment of being with that person, right?

I think that no one wants to see others' sins.

Yang Wenli said:

It’s the most powerful words in the world. No just argument or eloquence can stand a chance against it. It’s… ”So what?”

Even if the clothes are too large in the beginning, they’ll fill out as you grow. The same goes for courage… The secret of not getting killed by the enemy is to underestimate life’s difficulties.

My role is to darken souls, even pure ones, until they become pitch black. By doing so, you can stay beautiful and shine bright, Mother. I do everything because of my love for you.

You disappointed me. So I have to give you a punishment. Regret your helplessness and feel despair.

So how long will it be, then? How long before you're no longer cursed to walk the earth...?

So laugh... demon... Laugh that arrogant laugh of yours... And remember, I beat you to it...

I want nothing more than to be a bayonet; a bayonet wielded by the hand of God. I would have been happy to be born a storm, or a divine threat; a mighty explosion or even a terrible hurricane. A divine force of nature without heart or pity. And if this relic can transform me into such a thing...then I am happy to abandon my humanity.

Hold your tongue, the dead don't speak.