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Dante said:

There people out there who would say there's nothing more important than love. But is love really that great? There are women, who because of love, get chased around by men. And there are men, who because of love, get killed by women. To put it down, for love to be so great, there gotta be something else behind it that's even greater.

Sheik said:

Time passes, people move. Like a river's flow, it never ends. A childish mind will turn to noble ambition. Young love will become deep affection. The clear water's surface reflects growth. Now listen to the Serenade of water to reflect upon yourself.

Risks are just an unavoidable part of life. Even if you realize the danger, nothing's gonna come from always running away. That way, even when you die, you can be content that you gave it your all.

It's fine even if you're useless right now. As long as you keep looking towards the future, I'm sure a day will come when you'll find your worth.

Even the hardest of things can shatter when one little crack appears.

There is one thing I've learned here. To keep doing your best, up until the very end.

Somewhere along the line, I had decided that I can't interact with others. That I have no choice but to be alone, but I've found a new reason to stay. It's because everyone is alone, senpai. Everyone is all alone.

Just as there is a light at night and darkness in the day, there will always be darkness in the world. At the same time, the world will never be engulfed by the darkness. In that mix of ambiguous colors, everything moves on: our fates determined...

A person can work for their ideals. But if you lose sight of those ideals, when things don't work out as you hoped, you'll never accomplish anything! You won't be able to protect yourself or those dear to you.

Sora said:

The heart may be weak and sometimes it may even give in, but I've learned that deep down, there's a light that never goes out!

A drama has a progressive thought, an emotional climax and a resolution, but our lives aren't like that. All we get day after day, are a bunch of vague anxieties that are never really resolved.

If you don't see her, you won't fall in love. If you don't fall in love, you won't get hurt.

Jack Atlas said:

Stop trying to change things that can't be changed. The past is the past and you have to let it go and embrace the future.

There's something that cannot be expressed in words: human emotion. Emotions of the heart can't be just tucked away in a closet. There's a way to know the emotions: look into the eyes. The gentleman lied to me when I trusted him, but the moment I looked into his eyes the angel of destiny began to unravel the truth. Just look into their eyes, there is only one truth.

A hint is one thing, but simply sharing the answer it leads to is dangerous.

A pistol’s job is what its handler chooses. If I don’t wanna shoot, then I won’t.

If there's an ugly truth, a beautiful truth must exist too. Stories aren't purely ugly. They're not purely tragic or sad either. There are tender things and beautiful things in there.

I believe that some truths should never be known.

What is true happiness? Everyone seeks the land of happiness as if they're on a pilgrimage. They try to walk there. Still, no matter who they are, at times they become tired. Stories exist for those times. If you open the covers, you'll encounter someone else's imagination. If you feel lonely on your own, try reading a book. Try to imagine what the author was thinking, what he wanted to say. Then you might be able to obtain something wonderful.

I just don't understand the reason why humans continue living on all the while as our individual egos hurt each other...